Deezloader For Android (Reborn) 2018 For Online Music @320Kbps

Deezloader Overview

Basically, it’s an app that downloads soundtracks from online audio streaming sites like deezer at top quality@320kbps from deezer server. thus you oughtn’t to acquire deezer or Spotify for his or her music.


If you wish an entire album, you only add the computer address and deezloader download from URL. additionally, Deezloader download from Spotify plays list for downloading the whole album from Spotify.


Deezloader For Android

How Deezloader Work?

Here is, however, deezloader work. you wish to download tracks from Deezer using deezloader. The deezer can initial decode the tracks and stores it in their storage server. once you have bought the monthly subscription, Deezer can deliver the files to you. But if not, deezloader can download these encrypted soundtracks and decrypts it for your laptop. therefore you don’t need to pay Deezer (or Spotify) for his or her monthly subscription for downloading music. simply use deezloader app and download and have a good time.

About Deezer, the net Music Streaming website

Deezer is a web music streaming website that permits you to play your favourite track on your device once ever you wish. Its on the market in 182 countries with 43 million songs in their catalogue. confine mind that google play store and apple store has solely less variety of tracks than Deezer. Deezer works on all of your devices and on the market each on-line and offline. thus paying attention to music with Deezer becomes a lot of easier.

Deezer comes with 2 packages free and premium. each package supply top quality sound for the audio tracks and premium membership offers even additional quality to the tracks. one among the necessary feature is that you Wii not see annoying ads between the tracks you play. this is applicable to each free and premium users

Deezloader 2.3.1 Still Working?

After the official ending of deezloader app, peoples now not getting the files to download the app. And thanks to piracy considerations everybody thinks that deezloader is deal and can not work any longer. however, the very fact is that deezloader remains operating for many users who have already downloaded the deezloader nothing file. and that they all are able to download Deezer tracks to their device.

This is because Deezer solely filed a criticism regarding deezloader, however, didn’t take any action to forestall the soundtrack downloads victimization deezloader app. this can be why most of them able to download Spotify and Deezer tracks using the deezloader app.

Deezloader work on android

Yes, in fact, there’s associate golem app for deezloader. Apk link is side here. Here are all the steps you would like to try and do to figure the deezloader 2.3.1 apk on your golem.

  • Download these zip files from these links Google Play download Link1, Google Play Download Link2
  • Download the deezloader nothing and unzip it.
    Open servers final app
  • Click Servers
  • Click the Add button within the prime right
  • Choose node.js server
  • Now the configuration menu can open up, and…
  • Click Specific
  • Script Location >> browse till you discover “app.js” within the folder you hold on before
  • Then Save the settings and run the server
  • Open the file manager and navigate to config.js and open it. Here note the port variety
  • finally, open a browser and enter ”port_number” This is the Deezloader Android apk Download link and tutorial.


  1. Connection to Deezer API failed! Please strive once more.
  2. Searched songs not found on Deezloader 2.2 and 2.3. The fix is that you simply need to use vpn if you’re not from USA.
  3. Older versions : deezloader app 2.1, 2.1.2, 2.2.0, 2.3
  4. Deezloader has didn’t connect with the Deezer API.

I additionally note that a number of my friends having deezloader compatibility error on windows thirty-two-bit version. If you have got any ideas relating to this please let Maine understand it by comments.


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Wrapping Up

Thanks for visiting our website. Hopefully, now you understand how to download deezloader apk in your android device. As recently it was not available to download but now in reborn version you can. The best part is that you can also transfer your Spotify playlist in it without any issue. Once again you would be able to download your favourite music in 320 kbps with the highest audio quality. Thanks once again and stay tuned for more amazing articles like this one. 🙂

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