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Fortnite Apk Download – How to download the Game for Android?

Looking for Fortnite Apk Download link? Well if the answer is yes then read on.

In today’s generation, games are one of the part of a youngsters’ life. You and I, we all spend our time on games regularly. PC and Console were the two main source of gaming so far but now we can see the android industry is also upgrading to gaming platforms. We can take the examples of some games which we used to play on PC or Console and now they are also available on Android. For example: Asphalt, GTA, Tekken, PUBG Mobile and many more…

Well, if we talk about open world shooting games which are very popular right now, the first two names of games come to our mind are PUBG and Fortnite. We already know PUBG has been already released for android platform. I don’t know about you but I’m personally addicted to it. Haha! That’s the other thing.
So Fortnite : Battle Royale is also planning to surprise the android users very soon and you will soon be able to Fortnite Apk Download on your Android device. Though IOS version has already been released and one can download it from Apple’s App Store. Moreover, for now you can read about what you can get in the Fortnite : Battle Royale.

Fortnite : Battle Royale

Fortnite is a top rated PC or Console based Shooting game where a player has to compete with other 99 players within the game. In between the game, you can find out various weapons and armors to combat with enemies and medicines to heal your player when needed. The game comes with various play modes.
The graphics of the game are more like cartoonist, humorous and attractive. The sound effects are also impressive which in combo with graphics offers a 3D and realistic experience.
So far the game is available for PC or Console and Apple IOS users. Unlike PUBG, this is free of cost to download.
Now, in the next section we will talk about the top features of Fortnite : Battle Royale.

Top Features Of Fortnite Mobile

100-player PvP gameplay (Battle Royale)

There is a 100 player PvP gameplay where you have to combat with other 99 players in the game. Just like PUBG, you will find various weapons, supplies, armors and medicines to help you out with in the game. Kill or get killed but remember, last man standing will be the winner.

Break & Build

This is the unique feature of this game which makes it different and difficult from other games. Well, that’s what gamers like. You can break the buildings to collect wood, metal and stone which can be reused to build the new buildings according to you. That comes in use when you are doing close combat with enemies and your designed buildings can be used as shield to protect you from the attacks of enemies. Moreover, you can be an architecture, at least within the game. Lol!

Various Weapons

A lots of weapons are available in the game. Some of them are Tactical Shotgun, Tactical Sub machine Gun, Rocket Launcher, Burst assault rifle, Bolt-sniper rifle, Hunting rifle, Crossbow. A lot more weapons are also there including rare guns. You will need to find them while roaming across the island.

Various Healing Items

Healing is the necessary part of the game. Apple, Bandages, Med kits, chug jug, shield potion, slurp juice are some of the items which will help you regain the lost health of your player.

Graphics & Sound

Graphics and sound have the major role to give this game a realistic experience. Just like PC version, the mobile version also offers various 3D graphics and Sound quality.
One can easily spot an enemy through the gun shots and footsteps. Remember, you can also be spotted by enemy. Various other sounds like cutting of trees, metals, sound of plane, and air attacks etc are also available. Graphics of the game is cartoonist, humorous and attractive. Just like PC version, mobile users can also experience optimized 3D graphics.

Joystick or Controls are also placed in a good position and are handy while use. Moreover, you can customize them manually according to your comfort.

Modes of Play

There are different game play modes in Fortnite Mobile. You can play individually combating other 99 players. Moreover, you can also play with 3 of your friends in SQUAD Mode where your squad will face other 24 squads, each consisting of 4 or less than 4 players. But the main motive is always the same, KILL & WIN.
Not only that, there are some other modes you can go with such as 50vs50 mode, zombie killing, optional mapping.

Regular Updates

Fortnite Mobile also offers regular, weekly, and monthly updates within the game. Various tasks and events are updated for players and rewards are also given after the completion of each task.
Different in-game items such as skins can also be purchased to offer a fantasy look to your player.
So those are some of the Top Features of Fortnite Mobile. More you can figure out while playing it. Next we will help you with “How to Play Fortnite Mobile”

How to Play Fortnite Mobile(Fortnite Apk Download)

Now, we will briefly describe “How to Play Fortnite Mobile”. We will tell you what you have to do and what you don’t.
So first of all, when you start the game in any play mode, you will be sent to transfer station where you with other players have to wait for less than a minute until all the 100 players join the game. Then you will be board to an air train or bus or whatever it is. That will fly across the island through a specific straight path. You can JUMP and land with the help of parachute where ever you like in the island. After landing on the ground, you must remember that there are more players(enemies) around you who are willing to kill you to gain first place in the game. So in defense, you have to combat with them as well which you can’t do with bare hands. For that you will need to find the weapons, armors, medicines around you hiding in the buildings. Moreover, you can do break & build thing, i.e. break building to collect wood, metal and stone and then use them to build new building according to your design which can be useful to you for defensive purpose while combat. But that’s not children’s game. You need to give a lot of time, efforts, patience to learn this art. Make sure while giving all the efforts, you should be in the safe zone of the game. The safe zone is inside the STORM EYE which shrinks after every few minutes. Stay within the boundary, else you may die outside of it.
Wonder around place to place, collect supplies, break & build, find the enemies and kill them, stay in safe zone and be the last man standing. Wew! That’s all you have to do.

Fortnite Apk Download:

Talking about Fortnite Apk Download, Well Fortnite have not released an Android version of the game yet. So we will update this post once Fortnite decides to launch Fortnite Apk for Android.


That was all about Fortnite Apk Download . As per now, android version isn’t available on the internet but IOS users can download it from App Store and enjoy it. Wait, that doesn’t end here. We will update the post once the Fortnite Apk Download is available, so visiting our site. Who knows, you can be the first lucky person to try it. Thanks for reading, you can also visit our HOMEPAGE to read more such articles.

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